Personal  Healing  &  Reprogramming  Session

We believe in deep lasting transformation & eliminating band-aids
  • Does your body feel like a mystery to you?
  • Are you frustrated by the constant emotional roller coaster?
  • Do you feel stuck or frustrated in one or more areas of your life?
Ready to find the missing piece of the puzzle?
Yes, you can heal, finally! Even if you've tried multiple modalities for years.

Whether you have a specific issue or a complicated situation & feel like the traditional system has given up on you, these sessions can open new doors to bring in lasting transformation.

This is not a quick fix or a band-aid. We look at the real root cause of what is going on so you can release the baggage & move forward with clarity on your next steps. 

I'm here to support you every step of the way!

Everyone (yes, including you!) heals & responds at a different pace depending on what is happening all day every day. Remember to be kind & gentle with yourself as you embark on this deep transformative journey.
What can you expect when you work with me?
  • Support you in gently accepting, processing & integrating deeper emotions that are suppressed, rejected or ignored
  • Find the main trigger or cause that is contributing to the bulk of the challenges you are dealing with
  • Initiate the process to connect & heal the relationship with your body so it can be your buddy again
  • Add key techniques to your toolkit to help you manage and respond to emotions rather than just react
  • Understand what is really keeping you stuck - patterns from past life, ancestry, environment or something else
  • Initiate steps to strengthen your energetic boundaries so you can step up & shine without fear
  • Explore what it takes to tap into & unleash your intuition
Let's get started
It's time.
It's your turn now to heal.
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What's Included:

One 30 minute 1on1 session using Zoom
Who Is This For?

This is a great starting point before diving deep
Success Stories
Baeth Davis
Archanaa is a gifted medical intuitive. She accurately read my physical and energetic bodies. She helped me address issues related to my heart health, reproductive areas and food deficiencies. She pinpointed very specific foods to avoid that were impacting my health and emotions. Her process is amazing!
Sage Taylor Kingsley
I was born with an immune deficiency and was borderline diabetic. Archanaa's energy healing work helped my blood sugar levels go down and I don't get ill every winter like I always have, which is quite a miracle. She is a talented and powerful healer.
Julia Stege
Archanaa helped me eliminate hip pain and lose 15 pounds. She was able to see the source of my chronic pain without even meeting in person. Her forgiveness process addressed repressed anger and resentment from as far back as 50 years ago, which was contributing to my pain and "weighing" me down. She also gave me simple nutritional suggestions. I recommend her work to anyone who feels their ailment is more than just physical.
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Personal Healing & Reprogramming Session

We believe in deep lasting transformation & eliminating band-aids
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