We believe in magical spaces that make us love where we live
Unshakable Home
  • Are you tired of clearing & rearranging your space trying to make it work for you?
  • Do you feel frustrated & overwhelmed trying to remove heavy/ negative energies from your space?
  • Are you looking for a proven & reliable way to feel safe, calm & welcome in your space?
Supercharge Your Home or Office or Event for Success
Do you relate to any of these?
(*) You are looking to move but not sure how to find the most aligned home or office space (especially if you are very particular about vastu or feng shui)
(*) You just bought a place & you either feel something is off or you are wondering how to best work with it
(*) You want to sell your home for the highest price possible to the most aligned buyer
(*) You are not planning to move but are feeling stuck & wondering how to shake up the energies so you can make progress
(*) You are getting ready to remodel & not sure where to start
If you said YES to any of these, you are in the right place & I can absolutely help make the shifts you are looking for!
I'm your guide to MAGICALLY transform any ordinary home or office into your 'sacred space sanctuary' that finally makes you feel like you belong & are fully supported at every level!

As I've continued to work on & work with my own space, my ENERGY levels have been consistently stronger. I've been alone the last few years but NEVER felt lonely. My health has significantly improved. My weight has stayed STEADY without drastic diets or intense exercises. My intuition & spiritual gifts have EXPLODED beyond my wildest imagination. I feel MORE supported now than ever before. I don't get triggered by the emotional roller coaster around me. My HEART is overflowing with gratitude. I have a very deep appreciation for everything & everyone in my life. I have the calm confidence & KNOWING that everything is going to be okay. I want all of this for you. Plus better.

And yes, your space can support you every step of the way!

Everyone (yes, including you!) heals & responds at a different pace depending on what is happening all day every day. Remember to be kind & gentle with yourself as you embark on this deep transformative journey.
Book your FREE session now to get started
Ready to transform your space into a sacred sanctuary?
It's time.
It's your turn now to make your space your ally!
Let's connect to see what is the best option for you.
This is a FREE consultation to understand what you can do to set up your space for success.
Your information remains private & will never be sold or shared.
What's Included:

One 30 minute 1on1 session using Zoom
Who Is This For?

When you are ready to tap into your space & make it your ally
Book your FREE session now to get started
What happens after we connect & then you decide to move forward with the next steps?
  • Remote clearing to heal & release trauma & energetic baggages from the land & building
  • Protective shields so whatever is cleared does not come back - so you can feel safe again!
  • Reset energies of objects in & around the property so trapped negative energy is released for good
  • Open up to bring in positive energies to support people & pets & enable new opportunities
  • Space makeover to open up the flow using directions, colors, layouts & more
  • All of these energies will be set up to work FOREVER!
    Yes, for life.
Success Stories
Deirdre Dalton Webb

The Sacred Space work by Archanaa is no less than miraculous.

The relationship amongst my family members shifted significantly for the better.

At first the shifts were subtle, but now I can really see what monumental shifts have occurred.

I highly recommend her services, as Archanaa is truly gifted.

Gretchen Pritts
I immediately felt the shifts in my home after Archanaa started her clearings. Since I work from my home, I spend almost 90% of my time here.

I noticed the shifts the first night - after getting one of the best nights of sleep in a LONG time! This was a result of the remote clearing only.

Then, when we did the home walk through - everything changed!

Archanaa completely helped me change the direction of my life and my most important relationships!
Lorri Lockyer
I cannot believe the change in our house with the help & insight of Archanaa. She helped us see where energy was lacking. It was amazing as we painted the walls, rearranged & got new furniture.

The whole energy of the house shifted & everyone who walks in our house feels it.

I recommend Archanaa highly if you are ready to change things up in your home & not sure where to start.

Lisa K.Y. Wong
Thank You for Working Your Magic on My Apartment, the Land, & Me!

This is really an eye-opening experience, Archanaa!

I am happy to report that after the session with you on Thursday, I did feel a lot calmer & a renewed sense of confidence that I can finally overcome my clutter issue. 

Your valuable, applicable, down-to-earth, & practical advice is something I think everybody should hear.
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We believe in magical spaces that make us love where we live
Supercharge Your Home or Office or Event for Success
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