The Link Between Allergies And Feeling Disconnected

The Link Between Allergies and Feeling Disconnected
So what is the relationship between allergies and feeling like you don't belong? What are the metaphysical energetics behind allergies? Listen in to find out more!

So, today we will talk about allergies. And you might be like, what about allergies? We are going to look at the metaphysical significance or the energetic component behind allergies. Now, what do I mean by allergies, or what kind of allergies am I referring to? So, these are the typical seasonal allergies relating to the respiratory system that lot of people experience during different times of the year. Or, it might be something that you are continuously exposed to almost all the time. So, it could be involving your eyes, it could be involving your nose, it could be your nasal passage, your sinus, your throat, your lungs, your bronchial tube ... it basically is just primarily affecting or impacting your respiratory system.

So, when you think of allergies, what really comes to mind? Something that gets you very uncomfortable, something that throws you off, something that does let you have a normal, typical life unless you have the medicine depending on the intensity or whatever else you are used to, right?

So, I want you to switch gears for a little bit and start looking at it from a different perspective. So, what would come up if I said what is it about your environment that makes you uncomfortable; what are you really feeling allergic to? Now, is it from the place that you work, or is it the people around you, or is it the home you are in?

So, often times what I have found when working with clients is any or all of these allergies, specially relating to the respiratory system is often times associated with not feeling connected, or feeling not belonging to your environment, whether it is the physical location, whether its your work, or it could be any or all of the above. It just varies and depends from person to person. But, at the end of the day, when you are not comfortable where your are, when you don't feel you belong, when you are constantly feeling disconnected from your environment and you are constantly making an attempt to connect, making an attempt to belong, but it's just going nowhere. That's when the allergies hit and I am saying that from my own experience. I have had them and I have been able to overcome them. And, I see this in my clients quite frequently and once we address this root cause of what's actually going on and how do you really connect with your environment.

How do you clear the environment? Well, because moving out of the place is not always an option for most people. Yes, if that's the luxury you can have, definitely, you can explore that! But, if not, then we got to figure out how do you make it work with what you have. Right? So, from that perspective, I encourage you to look at what's really going on in your environment that's throwing you off, that's put you on a different path that's making you feel you don't belong. 

If you have more questions, or if you would like to share what your experiences are, or you would like some support so you can resolve, you can always reach out to me either on my website or posting your comments below. Until next time, take care!

So what did you find out? And if there is anything I can support you with, let me know.

Author: Archanaa Shyam
Medical Intuitive & Mentor For High Performers

Dublin, CA

(925) 365-6832

Archanaa draws inspiration and energetic support from sacred geometry, power places and crystals.

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