Radiating Your Inner Essence Through Colors

Radiating Your Inner Essence Through Colors
Hello Hello! Today we will address a very very fun topic and also one of my favorite topics. Want to take a guess? I will give you a moment :) May be you got this, may be you didn't! That's all right. We will be talking about colors today. Now, I am not talking about colors just with one particular aspect. So, I don't know what's actually coming to your mind when I talk about colors, but we will look at it from different perspectives and this is such an easy change that you can make that will give a huge impact, that will give you a huge ROI (Return On Investment) without having to break the bank basically. So there is something in this for everyone.

So, let's start with some basics. When I talk about colors, I am talking about the different palettes to start with. What are these palettes? I look at these color palettes as the different seasons - Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Now, you could have one or more of these palettes and you might be wondering how do I find out.  What color is mine? The way I find out is I tune in energetically, and I am able to channel for my clients what their best palettes are! And once you know what those specific palettes are for you, its very easy to come up with the different colors. 

I am a big fan of building your own rainbow no matter what your palette is. I am not going to tell you Oh don't wear this color or don't use that color or just only focus on this. That's not the way we want to roll. When you think of a rainbow, its not complete unless it has all the seven colors, right? The same way whether you are a winter or a fall or a summer or a spring, what ever color is your energetic essence, build your rainbow from the shades of that particular palette.

Now let's say, for example, looking at winter ... winter is all about deep, dark, jewel tones, but they are very bright. They are intense, they are bright and they are pretty powerful colors. I am not going to lie. So, for example, the purple that you see behind me on the chair is a winter color. It's a classic winter color. And, why am I going into this detail you may wonder. Now it's applicable in two places - One, it's in the colors that you wear, the clothes, the accessories, however else you like to use color on yourself. And the second is, how you use it in your environment. I will just touch upon each of these real quick, and if you have more question you can always reach out or schedule some time to talk with me.

So, let's talk about the colors that you wear. There is so much to cover over here that I could be spending hours and hours because it's a very exciting topic. But, essentially at the end of the day what we are looking at is when you wear the right colors, and I am talking about the top, the upper half of the body because that's what is giving that first impression for people. So, when you wear the right colors, you are radiating your inner essence without having to do a lot of additional work. The colors will do the work for you. Let's say if you are somebody that's been wearing grey's or tan's or something like that for the most part, and if  you are wondering why people don't notice you or give you that recognition, the key is in the color!

So, let's say you start picking up, you can go gentle with yourself, you don't have to change your wardrobe overnight but start exploring different colors, depending on how you are feeling, or how much attention you want. Sometimes the colors that you are most afraid of, so to speak, may be the best color on you. Like RED was for mine. Same way I encourage you to explore. Now that's with clothes.

Now talking about your home or your work environment; i will just stay with home for now. If you had too much red in your bedroom, let's say. And, if you are wondering why you can't sleep, reason is right that! Too much red, too much orange is very stimulating. It's something that motivates us, or its very energizing. And that's not what you want when you are getting ready to go to bed. In fact you want more of the calming green's and blue's in your bedroom. And there is so many different ways that this can be applied and no matter what the budget is, it is possible to re-do different parts of your home, just really bring it back to life, just with color. And when I am talking about color, it's about, it could be little cushions, it could be chairs, it could be bedding, it could be curtains ... there is so many different ways, even art for that matter. Right? You can use so many different ways to make a difference in the space that you live in, in the body that you are in. I am talking about enjoying what you wear, and what you are around with. 

And if you have anymore questions or if you want to share some of your experiences or if you simply want to know more, connect with me either from my website or by sharing your comments, or any one of these different places I am out and about. Happy to answer more questions, happy to support you, if you are interested in knowing more and really jump starting your next steps. So, until next time, take care!
Author: Archanaa Shyam
Medical Intuitive & Mentor For High Performers

Dublin, CA

(925) 365-6832

Archanaa draws inspiration and energetic support from sacred geometry, power places and crystals.

You can find out more about Archanaa Shyam here: https://www.archanaashyam.com
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