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There is really no limit to how far and deep you can go with your intuition and your healing journey.

Baeth Davis

Archanaa is a gifted medical intuitive.

She accurately read my physical and energetic bodies.

She helped me address issues related to my heart health, reproductive areas and food deficiencies. She pinpointed very specific foods to avoid that were impacting my health and emotions.

Her process is amazing!

Lorri Lockyer

I cannot believe the change in our house with the help and insight of Archanaa.

She helped us see where energy was lacking, how some pictures had good energy, while others were just neutral or bad energy.

It was amazing when we first started clearing the clutter and getting rid of old decorations. We painted the walls, rearranged and got new furniture.

The whole energy of the house shifted and everyone who walks in our house feels it.

I recommend Archanaa highly if you are ready to change things up in your home and not sure where to start.

We believe in sacred space sanctuaries

Deirdre Dalton Webb

The Sacred Space work by Archanaa is no less than miraculous.

The relationship amongst my family members shifted significantly for the better. At first the shifts were subtle, but now I can really see what monumental shifts have occurred.

I highly recommend her services, as Archanaa is truly gifted.

Julia Stege

Archanaa helped me eliminate hip pain and lose 15 pounds.

She was able to see the source of my chronic pain without even meeting in person.

Her forgiveness process addressed repressed anger and resentment from as far back as 50 years ago, which was contributing to my pain and "weighing" me down. She also gave me simple nutritional suggestions.

I recommend her work to anyone who feels their ailment is more than just physical.

Gretchen Pritts

I immediately felt the shifts in my home after Archanaa started her clearings. Since I work from my home, I spend almost 90% of my time here. I noticed the shifts the first night - after getting one of the best nights of sleep in a LONG time! This was a result of the remote clearing only. Then, when we did the home walk through - everything changed!

For more than 25 years I was holding on to a trauma that happened to me in college. Although I worked through the trauma with many amazing healers. There was one piece of it that still needed to be resolved - that was sharing what happened with those I love, especially my husband. I was so scared for so long to share this with him. I was afraid he would blame me and that it would ruin us. However, everything changed the night, well actually about 2 hours after my walk through session with Archanaa.

My secret came out! I got to the point where I just had to share it. And of course after many tears and hugs, all was good. I felt the weight of the world leave my shoulders. Archanaa said that this is very common after her work - that your home feels safe, so you feel safe. And I totally agree with her!

If you have anything going on, and I mean anything, that just can't resolve itself, no matter how much work you do on it - then Archanaa is your healer! You will be amazed by the results. Thank you Archanaa from the bottom of my heart!

We believe in overcoming fear & self-doubt & moving forward with total clarity

Jacquie Farquhar

I Can Finally Make the Move Happen

I loved our session and felt very connected to you. I had been thinking about moving for a while but was stuck in how to make it happen.

You made it feel safe and possible.

Lisa K.Y. Wong

Thank You For Working Your Magic on My Apartment, the Land, and Me!

This is really an eye-opening experience, Archanaa! I am happy to report that after the session with you on Thursday, I did feel a lot calmer and a renewed sense of confidence that I can overcome my clutter issue.

It is embarrassing but I considered a step in the right direction when I was able to cleared the big pile of laundry from my couch last night. And I started to attack the clutter in my living room and work space. It is still a long way to go, but I feel the energetic shift. Thanks for your "clearing" help!

Your valuable, applicable, down-to-earth, and practical advice is something I think everybody should hear. Thank you for working your magic on my apartment, the land, and me!

Tracey B Buysse

This Is The First Time In A Year That She Was Pain-Free!!!

I never heard of a Remote Home Clearing before, so I was very interested to find out how this works. My mom was staying with us during the time that I did my session with Archanaa... she had knee replacement surgery a year ago and has been in excruciating pain every single day since the surgery.

My mom had no idea about the healing... but the day after I had my session, she came into the kitchen that morning and told me that I won't believe it, but she had no pain that day whatsoever! This is the first time in a year that she was pain-free!!! And guess what... two weeks later, she still has ZERO pain!!! I was absolutely amazed by this!

On a lighter note... our home feels cozier, warmer and more inviting... which is something that I absolutely love!

Archanaa is a blessing, she is so gentle and makes sure she checks everything in your home for the flow of energy. I highly recommend having a Remote Home Clearing... it's fantastic!!!

Beth A
Both Of My Kids Cleaned Their Rooms Last Night Without Me Hassling With Them And Zero Complaints... Amazing!

Our home has a long history... from being threatened by a wildfire this summer to Native Americans being forced from here a long time ago to a previous owner dying in our house! There have been a lot of power struggles recently within our home over things that have never been issues before, and I wanted to do this Remote Home Clearing with Archanaa to see if we could shift the energy.

Since my session I have noticed that the family as a whole feels more connected and little things like eating dinner together comes naturally without prompting like before. My youngest son and I both get a rash on our faces that lasts a long time... but within a few days of my session, both of our faces had cleared up!

Both of my kids cleaned their rooms last night without me hassling with them and zero complaints... amazing! I could feel the energy shifting in my home prior to reading her email that indicated that she had already started the healing! The next day I felt a sense of calm that I hadn't felt before and I have been sleeping like a rock!

I told my family all about the process and experience and it has opened some new communication avenues for us, which is fun, and a blessing. Added bonus.. my husband, who typically opens his eyes around 4:30am, slept until nearly 6am this morning... it's a really BIG deal!

I so appreciated my time with Archanaa and would definitely recommend her, thank you so much!

I Could Feel The Energies Immediately Working!

I have had problems with feeling stuck and not feeling comfortable at home since I moved here 5 years ago. There were a lot of energies affecting me and disturbing my sleep and concentration, I got mood swings very rapidly.

After the Remote Home Clearing... I couldn't believe the light and brightness in my home would be so different and so much better afterwards... there is a calmness in the air now! The healing has made my home safe and comfortable and I have more energy to do things... like just picking up stuff and organizing my space a little at a time without any effort... before I had to force myself to do things because I had no energy!

But the real bonus is that my brain slowly works better and better and my creativity is stronger, which is wonderful. I felt the shifts when it started, but the effect is still evolving, shifting and changing... so I think there will be even more changes over time!

Everything feels easier after the remote healing. I had so few questions because the healing experience was so clear and beautiful!

I would absolutely recommend Archanaa to everybody! It was amazing for me and I feel like this can help many people on a deep level.

Felicity Butler
I recently had a treatment with Archanaa over the phone. I was really amazed at how accurate Archanaa was at picking up the areas of my body that were out of balance!

I sat quietly while Archanaa concentrated on me to work on three areas which were in need of help.

I actually felt movement in my body. I must say that I feel a lot clearer, and I don't feel tired in the afternoons any more. One of my happy side effects is that my knees don't bother me anymore!!

I have found Archanaa to be very professional, very sincere and very kind. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to any of my friends or family.

Susan B
There Were Noticeable Results Immediately... I Feel Like I Have Won The Lottery!

I have had chronic back pain from failed back surgery for over 20 years. I was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and have had it for over 18 years now. Along with that came the sleep issues... I have never slept a full 8 hours since my injury. Most nights I am awake until 3:00 am and I get up every hour. I also live in an eighty year old house on a very old farm site, so there is a lot of history in the house and on the land.

This house and land clearing with Archanaa has been such a gift and blessing! There were noticeable results immediately... I feel like I have won the lottery!

The first thing I must say is that I had a dream. This is significant for me because I NEVER remember dreaming. But, I really scared my husband one night because as I was dreaming and I apparently sat up in bed and started speaking Light Language!

I have found that everyone that comes to my home is in a good mood, and there is much more laughter and giggling!

I would absolutely recommend Archanaa to everyone! Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Michelle Smith
Thank you Archanaa for your medical healing sessions.

They have assisted my transformation and body in ways I never thought possible..

I highly recommend you to anyone.

Tena C
Our Home Is Now More Inviting And Feels So Much Clearer!

I was very surprised to find out how detailed a remote home clearing truly is... our mornings in our home were always quite stressful, including my husband often missing the train.

The VERY next day after our home clearing... I saw IMMEDIATE results, the morning went with a natural flow with our kids getting ready and my husband made the train with NO STRESS whatsoever!

Our home is now more inviting and feels so much clearer...

I highly recommend that everybody gets a session with Archanaa!!!

Sage Taylor Kingsley
Archanaa is a talented medical intuitive and powerful energy healer.

I was born with an immune deficiency and have had a history of being ill for several months every winter. This year, with Archanaa's help, I had my best winter yet! I got ill only once, which for me was quite a miracle.

Also, my blood sugar levels were borderline diabetic until Archanaa's Reiki and healing helped my levels move down, lowering my risk for diabetes!

I have referred Archanaa to many other people and they have also all spoken very highly of her accuracy and abilities.

Archanaa takes a lot of time with each client and will really customize a healing package that is right for you. Thank you, Archanaa!

Moenieba E
I Have Been Sleeping Like A Baby Every Night Since The Remote Healing!

I have always been labeled a 'light sleeper' since moving into our house 11 years ago. However; since my session with Archanaa... I have been sleeping like a baby every night since the remote healing!

The morning after my session I felt so refreshed... I had some paperwork that I have been putting off that I finally got done and I started decluttering my cupboard space! I would definitely recommend everyone to have the remote healing for their homes done... the results are fantastic!

Archanaa is such a lovely person to work with, and I find her work very interesting and most importantly it is something that really works!
We believe in divine connections that make us unshakable from the inside out

Susan B
This Is Truly A Gift To Yourself, Your Family And Your Animals!

Back issues have made it very difficult for me to sleep through the night and I would often lay awake for hours before drifting off to sleep... since working with Archanaa, I have started falling asleep a bit faster and actually waking up without an alarm clock. This is also quite an accomplishment for me!

My husband was quite ill and was not sleeping well. After Archanaa started the Clearing, he is feeling much better and is sleeping better too!

I also have a sense of feeling more secure and calmer. Our dog has been calmer and hasn't been barking all night. There have been way more birds singing. We have two horses and I have noticed them laying and lounging in the sun more! I have actually started to declutter my home. Even though I've wanted to do this for a long time, I just never had the energy before!

I would absolutely recommend Archanaa to everyone! I feel like I won the Home & Land Lottery! This is truly a gift to yourself, your family and your animals! It's also a beautiful gift to your house and land! Archanaa's energy was so beautiful, we had an instant connection and I don't think I stopped smiling the whole time we were talking... talking to Archanaa is like talking to an old friend!

Naila Razvi
My Daughters Finally Finished An Important Task They Had Been Putting Off For 4 Years!!

I have been experiencing some drastic and subtle but steady changes in my life ever since Archanaa's remote clearing and the walkthrough.

The immediate and drastic change that happened was my daughters finally finished an important task they had been putting off for 4 years!! The day after the remote clearing they did it themselves without me having to say anything!

We were also having a lot of confusion about our elder daughter's education and University, but in that week of clearing... we got a lot of clarity and we could collectively make a decision! It's only been a few weeks now, but my daughter has already left for the University and is all settled in now.

Even though the walkthrough happened very late in the night and finished well past midnight... I was full of energy, but yet had a good sleep and have been able to wake up early ever since!

I have started to make the changes and shifts she has recommended and I notice small positive changes in my life almost on a daily basis. She is a warm and genuine person with a very friendly demeanor and someone I can rely on if I want to clear negativity or stuck energies from my space.


1. My pets are very happy now and are always prancing around having fun rather than curling up and sleeping all day!

2. Relationship with all family members has improved and there is more peace and calmness overall.

3. I'm still waking up very early which gives me time to spend time in prayers which in turn has brought a lot of positive changes in my life. For someone who has never been a "morning person" I'd say this is a HUGE change!

Everything Feels Easier After The Remote Healing... The Experience Was So Clear And Beautiful!

I have had problems with feeling stuck and not feeling comfortable at home since I moved here 5 years ago. There were a lot of energies affecting me and disturbing my sleep and concentration, I got mood swings very rapidly.

After the Remote Home Clearing... I couldn't believe the light and brightness in my home would be so different and so much better afterwards... there is a calmness in the air now! The healing has made my home safe and comfortable and I have more energy to do things... like just picking up stuff and organizing my space a little at a time without any effort... before I had to force myself to do things because I had no energy!

But the real bonus is that my brain slowly works better and better and my creativity is stronger, which is wonderful. I felt the shifts when it started, but the effect is still evolving, shifting and changing... so I think there will be even more changes over time!

Everything feels easier after the remote healing. I had so few questions because the healing experience was so clear and beautiful!

I would absolutely recommend Archanaa to everybody! It was amazing for me and I feel like this can help many people on a deep level

Donna Marie Huels
Archanaa, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me.

With your reading you were able to tell that I needed to drink a lot more water than I have been doing and give me suggestions on how to get that accomplished even in this cold weather we are having.

My migraines are not as frequent as have been in the past since I have been drinking more.

Thank you also for your follow ups with me to see how I am progressing and to make sure the water is still helping.

I Got The Job!

As I am going through financial constraints, I have been looking for a part time job to supplement my income. I have been looking since the end of August and nothing happened.

The week that she had remotely started to work on my house and property, I got two calls confirming the part time job. Also we had the call on Friday and on the following Tuesday, I got another call for a similar job - and I indeed took the job!

Thank you Archanaa!!! Really grateful to you!

Beverly Stickley
Archanaa's intuitive assistance helped me to grow as a person, heal through grief, recognize my own worth and make major life decisions that are in alignment with my higher destiny.

The Air In The House Feels Much Lighter... And I Feel Much Safer, Secure, Supported, And Confident!

I had a feeling of being stuck and could not move forward. I sensed there was some energy that did not want me to move on yet did not appreciate or support me either. There was a lot of stagnant energy and the air seemed to be heavy and not flowing. I did not feel safe and my energetic boundaries were even more challenged as there were intrusive energies lingering.

I also sensed there was quite a bit of hidden anger and threats... along with anxiety and fear even when I was sleeping. I felt extreme fatigue as if my energy was draining and It was very hard for me to get out of bed in the morning.

The remote clearing on the land and the house was definitely most helpful... the results were immediate!

My main objectivity was to remove all cords so that I can move forward, and I sensed the energies started moving in my solar plexus a bit before Archanaa's instruction email even arrived! I realized it was the enmeshed energies in the space and the land that I did not appreciate... it was like a heavy weight was been lifted off of me.

The air in the house feels much lighter, and I feel much safer, secure, supported, and confident, energetically especially! My bed felt more comfortable when I started sleeping in the direction Archanaa suggested and I sleep much better now and do not feel as exhausted... I have much more energy for me! I moved a couple of furniture to incorporate my power direction Archanaa provided, and the whole room feels very welcoming.

As an added bonus, once the remote clearing and healing started, some old memories were recalled that were related to the property I rented previously and that were traumatic. It provided a chance for me to release old energies and honor my feelings! The mp3's and scan results were very helpful and I really enjoyed my session with Archanaa!

I would highly recommend working with her... just keep an open mind and allow the energy to flow!

Mamta A
I Am Feeling Clearer And Calmer, Full Of Energy... And I Don't Have To Drag Myself Out Of Bed Anymore!

For the past year I had been experiencing low energy and a lot of sleep issues. Archanaa was very good at figuring out the issues and suggesting some remedies. She is a brilliant healer, very patient and an amazing listener!

She found areas of my house which had fire energy and gave me suggestions in improving that energy. I was open to the changes she told me to do and from that same day I had very good sleep and in the morning I woke up early and feeling fresh, I did not have to drag myself out of bed!

My house is much more peaceful and somehow all the disputes in my house are disappearing one by one, though these changes did not happen in a day... but we could sense the changes slowly and steadily. I am feeling clearer and calmer... plus, I am full of energy now and have been working without feeling tired!

I would definitely recommend Archanaa, as I have myself been able to improve the quality of my life and experience of peace throughout my home... the remote healing really helped me!

I would also like to thank her because I believe that if this went on without her help... I'm sure it may have caused me serious health issues. I truly feel anyone with an open mind would benefit from a Remote Home Clearing!

Charlene J
A Lot Of Dark And Negative Interference With Portals, Wormholes, Etc...

Our property has always been under a lot of dark and negative interference with portals, wormholes, etc... This has created havoc on everyone in the home, including the cats, until it was cleared.

Archanaa immediately picked up on fire and war energies that existed when the land was burned after being used for crops... which stemmed the heaviness and conflict in the property today.

Since the clearing... the energy in our house feels so much brighter!

I would definitely recommend working with Archanaa... she is absolutely lovely as a person and very easy to talk to as well!

I am thankful for Archanaa's guidance and knowledge.

As a result of what she shared with me, I'm developing compassion, strength and understanding, and making peace between my conscious and unconscious.

The answers are coming much faster and clearer, and I'm navigating situations much better— and I'm just scratching the surface!

Radha R
I have been on an Energy High ever since my Home Clearing!

I had been feeling stuck despite putting in lot of effort in my work for the past 5 years. I had very little energy and could not get grounded while working from home.

Archanaa is amazing! She told me how I need to change my sleep direction, work place direction and some small, but doable changes in the furnishings. The energetic clearing initiated by her was stupendous!

Despite getting less sleep & it being a Monday Morning... I had phenomenal energy the whole day without having to have any additional tea/coffee!

The clearing made me feel grounded, calm & clear. I have been on an energy high ever since my home clearing... I started to clean my house on a Sunday evening... which I usually reserve for slothing around... and I continued cleaning until the session... AMAZING!!!!

My hubby nearly collapsed seeing my high energy... he was so used to seeing me laying around with no energy.

I would absolutely recommend Archanaa to anybody who wants to experience an incredible change in their life, energy and home! Thank you so much for this opportunity... Archanaa's energy is soooooo powerful! Loved it!

Gary Stuart
I trust Archanaa fully with my physical and emotional health.

Her process is amazing!

The Results Were Very Fast And I Could Instantly Feel The Energy Shifting!

I have been having relationship issues since the very first day that my family and I moved into this brand new house around 10 years ago.

Archanaa very quickly understood that the issues were related to the energy of the house and the traumas on the land. She discovered that this house was triggering trapped emotions and unwanted energies to come forward to be cleansed and released.

She was also right on feeling that there was a lot of anger in my husband that was there prior to us moving to this house... which expanded because the energy of the house was bringing all the emotions to the forefront.

Archanaa did a very thorough walk-through of the whole house and she was able to discern and clear where the stale energy was coming from, some of which I intuitively felt myself for a long time and she confirmed them for me!

The results were very fast and I could instantly feel the energy shifting!

Archanaa knows what she is talking about! There are things she told me about my life that are very true, exact and real! I would recommend working with Archanaa in a heartbeat!!

J. R
I had very serious chronic illness with my guts and blood. I was looking for help and insights into stabilizing my health. I was on multiple prescriptions and had tried different diets but nothing worked. 

I was really drawn to your program as a more holistic approach with the intention of longer lasting, farther reaching results. 

As we worked together, I specifically liked the clear breakdowns of our plan and goals. In addition, you gave me very clear ways for me to help myself in the long-term.

My health has stabilized and currently without medication. In addition, I've had the inspiration to find out more about myself, my purpose, and my journey here on earth.

I definitely recommend working with Archanaa - this is an opportunity for healing and discovery if you can open your heart and mind to it!

My main issues were emotional stuck-ness & clutter, precluding me from moving forward through the "stuff" in my life with confidence & insight on to my new path. No matter how many plans to foster a new career or skill in order to move into the next chapter, it seemed a new familial crisis would put them on hold. 

As we started working together, I received many different energetic frequency-raising toolbox that were of great support along the way & easy to access when I needed it most!.

Archanaa's work addressed just the right emotional-release from the inside & energy-clearing from the stressors & clutter outside...with a safe & powerful platform based in heart-centered focus & grounded in the protective energy of Mother Earth.

What I enjoyed in my work with Archanaa was having the Ease & Grace & complete support through the deep emotional processes that were needed by my soul. Her energy is bright, deep & hope-filled, & I always felt her listening & compassion in the guidance

Right from moment one, the positive shifts in my life have been waves of deep emotional release, & in doing so in a careful & care-free & compassionate way, I have been able to receive the benefits of a world ready for my gifts. Opportunities show up around me & the next steps are revealed when I apply myself & give over to the energy supports. As a result, new career choices are availing themselves as if by magic including positive support & media coverage from key people!  

I would recommend Archanaa's magnificent & gently powerful work, in ANY area of enlightenment & self-discovery you wish.  She is the real deal, & packs a LOVING & well-grounded wallop to the ills that keep us from reaching our highest potential! 
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"When you have mastery over your body + mind + environment and understand what makes you a phenomenon, then you experience ecstasy + excellence in every area of your life"
- Archanaa Shyam
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